July 1991 - November 18, 2005

To My Sweet Little Baby Cakes.....

I found you when you were only 4 weeks old,
lying at the edge of the lake, in shock and near death for,
someone had thrown you into the lake to drown you!

I rushed you home, and tried to warm your frail little body
by placing you on a heated blanket, your eyes, nose were caked shut.
Then Mr.Bubba came to see what all the fuss was about.
When he saw your condition, he crawled into the box,
curled his big furry body and paws around you, cleaning your face,
and there he stayed, until you finally opened your eyes.

You two were inseparable, from that point on!
When Bubba died in 1998, you cried and fell into
deep depression, and never really got over his passing.

Now my little girl, you are reunited with your best friend,
running and playing, never to be separated again!
Although. I love you, and miss you very much,
I am happier, knowing you and Bubba are together again.
God Bless you little girl, until we meet again my Baby Cakes!


Bubba and Baby 1994