In Loving Memory Of Our Special Friend,

Mr. Burt Guy

1990 - July 1, 2002 

Burt, you were the most handsome, best behaved and friendly cat there ever was. 
We loved being with you and constantly talked about you when we were apart. You made us laugh all of the time but, now that you're gone, it makes us cry. You helped us through illness and loss. We take comfort in knowing you had about as good a life as a cat could have - inside whenever you wanted, outside whenever you wanted,
as much food as you could eat, tuna juice, tortilla chips and the occasional bird, bat or mouse.
You met us at the door every day and let small kids carry you around like a blanket. 
We will never be able to replace you and miss you very much. 

Love, Mark and Gabe and the rest of your fans.