January 28, 2001 - October 25, 2001

Gone, but Never Forgotten

Caleb had a short life. He was born on January 28, 2001. He came in to my life on May 26, 2001. 
I had recently lost a beloved cat and wanted to get another cat to help my grieving Himalayan, Teddi. 
So I brought home Caleb and his littermate Joshua. They were both adorable and easily won my heart.
Caleb  had a special place in my heart though. As a tiny kitten, he had been stepped on
and was very sick for weeks. He was much smaller than his brother, but 
because the breeder had carried him around in her shirt to keep him warm, he 
was very loving and cuddly. He would sit on my lap while I worked on the 
computer. He was fascinated at the arrow that would dart around the screen. 
He spoke to me in a funny throaty chortle. His antics by himself and with his 
brother could make me laugh and pick up my spirits no matter how bad my day 
was going. Then on October 25, just a few days before he was 9 months old, he 
slipped out of the house unnoticed when the dogs went outside. He wandered 
out on to the street and was hit by a car. Carrying his broken body back to 
the house and wrapping him tenderly in a blanket was very difficult. My vet, 
kindly, made burial arrangements for me. Caleb, my little angel, will be 
sorely missed by me, Sunnie and Buddy, my Golden Retrievers and by Teddi, the 
Himalayan. And especially by his brother, Joshua. 

He is gone, but he won't be forgotten.