In Loving Memory Of 



We had fluffy from age 6 weeks he left his mum a little early than a normal kitten would, fluffy was a tough ole cookie and ruled the street he lived in.

Fluffy lost his right eye at the age of fifteen, this was a heart breaking time for us, but the tough cookie he was he pulled though. Over his 19 year's he gave us all so much love and friendship, and a swipe from time to time.

Fluffy loved his tin's of tuna, a slice and ham here and there, fluffy was never really a cat bed lover, he would rather lay on my work surface on a clean tea towel, Fluffy was a real hero, It was not until his last two weeks of life that he started to go down hill.

The final week of his life was the worst for us, Wednesday he really fell ill, would not eat, only drink a little,
and sadly lay in his own cat litter tray, as he was too weak to get up and move about. Fluffy lost his
battle for life on Saturday 12th January 2008..

R.I.P January 12th 2008 Aged 19 years,
 ( from kidney failure )

A golden heart stopped beating
Four paw's put to rest
This was your final journey
And now you lay to rest

19 years you gave us
were gonna miss you so
In your final hour
We had to let you go

A choice that was not easy
For we all loved you so

A loyal friend to the end
You held your head up high
For you are now just sleeping
Your memory will live on
As the legend you were

Fluffy our beloved friend leaves
footprint's in our heart's
Until we all meet again R.I.P at rainbow bridge

God bless fluffy from your loving family x