GEORGE "the cat"

George adopted us when he was just a kitten. My Sister-in-Law Andrea found him on her doorstep
nine years ago and for some reason she asked my wife Amy (her sister) if George could come live with us.
He was immediately welcome in our home and lives.

He was wonderful. George never failed to bring a smile to my face.
Nearly every night when I'd work the night shift George would greet me at the door
and we'd talk for a minute before we'd go inside. George loved to talk, all the time...
Whether you wanted to hear him or not. 

When George came in the house he'd always without fail do the same exact thing every time...
He'd meow a greeting on the way by and run full speed to the food dish, I guess to just make sure
it was still there because lots of times he wouldn't even eat anything, just sniff it a couple times. 

George like most cats was very independent. He was a big (not fat) cat, and really didn't like
to be picked up or held... if it wasn't his idea in the first place. He had a mind of his own,
and sometimes I'd get to thinking that he really did not like me much, but he'd always find a way
to let me know that he loved me.

Every once in a while he'd surprise me by jumping up on my lap and snuggling in with me. Or he'd sit
near me anywhere in the house, or even sometimes when I went outside. 
If we said something to George he'd always answer us with a meow, just to let us know that he was listening.
George could carry on quite a conversation, for quite awhile, in fact I never found the bottom of his meower.
George was great companion and friend, he was beautiful inside and out.
He never asked more than we could, or were willing to give. 

A week ago George died unexpectedly in our home. We don't know why, he just did. 

I buried George in our back yard where he'd be close by. It was hard and it hurt.
We love and miss George, we will keep his memory alive in our hearts forever. 

Thank you,
Mat Cunningham