In Memory of..

Gunna-lynx Kannawin

Born  JULY 1, 1993

Died  JULY 29, 1999

Gunna-lynx Kannawin....was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba,
and died (and buried) at McKenzie Island Ontario.

Gunna is shown above with his best buddy Sahara,  they were inseparable.
Gunna-lynx was born with an under developed brain so was not a normal kitty,
he did not meow or know how to jump or do a lot of normal cat stuff. 
that is what made him so special. He loved to be carried around in your arms like a 
baby and I used to sing, "You Are My Sunshine" to him all the time.

He was a special needs kitty, and was well looked after. He was fed poached eggs
and bacon for breakfast and loved chicken so he would only eat chicken cat food. 
He was pure white with large green eyes. He grew up with Sahara (our dog) so he thought 
he was a dog, and was afraid of other cats!

Gunna died from injuries due to being crushed when he got outside one day 
and got stuck in an old garage. 
We think something fell on him. He was truly a sweet cat despite the extra care
he needed and I miss him a lot.
He was a source of constant joy my Gunna-lnyx. Sahara always protected him...they 
slept and ate together all the time. It was like Sahara knew he wasn't right in the head. 

 Love Momma,