My Precious "Kitty kitty", I had for 10 years to the Date. I'm so Sorry Baby how I wasn't there and how I was so late

I left you in care of my husband and Son, who left the door open and there you run.


You waited by the bushes and laid by the step. Up came the neighbors dog and then another crepted.

You screamed in Horror tried to run for your life. It wasn't no match, No fairness to the Fight

As you lay in my garden under the light of the sun, covered in pebbles, bricks outlaid one by one.

I Cried removing your bed, your water bowl and food. How can I love another as much as I loved you?

Time will go on and the time will pass........ May God give me the heart to adopt another Cat.

Good Night My Kitty Kitty, Good Night My little Love. 

We shall meet again, meet in God's House above.