A Tribute To Maggie.....


Maggie was my husband's and in-laws' cat. My husband was going through a divorce
and thought having a cat would help him cope. His parents and him rescued Maggie from our
local animal shelter. She was just a tiny kitten,
but had been placed on "death row"
because she bit someone during a pet therapy visit. A kind soul on the SPCA Board of Directors
intervened and at the behest of my husband and in-laws, policies were changed. 

My in-laws surprised my husband when he thought her salvation was a lost cause,
and brought baby Maggie home. She became the fourth member of their family for fourteen years.
As you can see, Maggie was a beautiful cat.
She was also beautiful "on the inside" -
she was loving and fun to be around. 

She was an indoor cat that went outside on a leash several times a day. She loved to be outside.
Sometimes she would escape outside and loved to tease the person pursuing her. Just when you thought you were
close enough to catch her,
she'd take off like a shot.
I'm sure this was a little game to her. 

She also loved to run up and down the steps and when she would get to the bottom
she would fall over onto her side
and everyone would make such a fuss
and say "Oh, poor Maggie fell down, get the kitty litter!"
She loved all of the attention. 

Every evening my father-in-law would head out the kitchen for his nighttime snack and without fail,
in would come Maggie to take a seat
on the stool next to him to receive her bedtime kitty treats. Maggie also enjoyed sitting on window seat in the back window to watch all of the birds flying around and landing on the well-placed bird feeder. 

Whenever we had a dessert that had whipped cream, we always had to make sure to save some whipped cream for Maggie. That was her special treat. She brought such happiness and laughter to our family, we will never forget her and someday we'll be with her again.

Until then Maggie, we love and miss you.