March 10, 2007 

to December 22, 2008.


Midget came to us a stray kitten, His mother was a wild cat that had
Midget under the neighbors house. We watched him grow
then took him in when he was about 3 weeks old.
He had a fiery attitude when he was a kitten.

Then he became so loving and caring. He was always sick so
Midget had many doctors visits and hospital stays.
He showed us so much love in the short time we had him.

We will always love you Midget
and Miss you terribly, you will forever be in our hearts.
Your brothers and sisters miss you terribly.

Midget left behind 2 brothers Jinx, and Barney, and 2 sisters Stubs and Fergie.
Barney and Midget were best friends. Barney is finally getting so he is playing. The vet
said he was depressed and heart broken. So we are paying extra special attention to him.