Pal's Til The End 

I can honestly say I was always a True Dog Lover ,
until my (2) Sweet Girls came into my life !!
Morsel, "Our Little Black Bull" came into our life one summer night
when we spotted her and thought she was hurt as her tail was
stubby and a bit curled. Turns out she was a Manx.
One tough little ball of all black muscle.

She hopped like a rabbit and played Hide & Seek with me .
She could hear you open a can of cat food a mile away...
She was for sure fearless in every way despite of her
small round solid body!
She really didn't want to leave this earth,
and still climbed the stairs everyday although her body was wasting away.
She weighed next to nothing at the end.

We saw and felt her take her last breath.
I am now a true Cat Lover and
"MORSEL" has Forever etched a place in our Hearts Forever..





We Thank You Both for entering Our Hearts & for all of the Wonderful Memories that will stay with us for ALL ETERNITY,,,, Meet you at "The Rainbow Bridge " No Fighting Girls!
Miss & Love You Both So Much It Hurts.

Mom, Dad & All The "Outsiders" Too..




A month after "Morsel" made herself at home "Stretch" appeared
on our porch. She was the longest cat we had ever seen!!
On the thin side too, so we of course fed her & she decided to stay!
We let her inside to meet "Morsel" & they from that point on
had a Love/Hate relationship!
More love than anything, Stretch  idolized Morsel and
waited around every corner ready to attack Morsel to play!
Morsel was here first, so she attacked Stretch every chance she got.

I Miss having our furry friends around as they were always
popping up to find out what you were doing and it's so empty now.
We had to guess on their ages and we were lucky enough
to have them for 12 Years.
I still miss the very vocal Stretch who always made sure you knew
she was in the room. Anywhere, anytime she spotted you,
she let out the sweetest vocals. A loveable cat for sure.
And just as the Girls came into our lives a month apart,
they left this earth exactly a month apart. Morsel suffered
with cancer and Stretch just couldn't move one day.
The Vet ran tests but never could find a thing.
A shock and a mystery.
Although they say Pet's do not have feelings like Human Beings,
we know in our hearts that there was simply No reason
for "Stretch" to go on as her pal was gone and
She missed her too much. They are buried side by side.