A Loving Tribute To Murray

For those of you that were aware of my cat Murray's illness,
I want to thank you for all your prayers and kind messages.
I was truly touched by your concern, compassion
and your own stories of loss.

I was hoping beyond all reason and natural law
that somehow I would have more time with Murray,
but in the end all efforts were futile,
and to my own horror and anguish, my time
was even more limited that I ever anticipated.

On Saturday March 12, 2005,
I had to make the hardest decision
I have ever had to endure thus far in my life.
I had to put my precious Murray to sleep.
He was laid to rest on Sunday March 13, 2005.




Without my family, I would not have been able to withstand those two heartsick days.
I appreciate beyond words their selfless efforts and unconditional support.
You all were there for me while my boy took his last breath,
and I could not catch mine.

Mother, I thank you for being such a good grandma to your grandcat,
and for your love and care throughout his illness, and for getting his paw print for me.

Jeanne, my sister, I thank you for your honest love, concern and wisdom.
Tony, my brother in law, I thank you for the beautiful casket you hand made
and your tears of love and concern.

Jon, my brother, I thank you for bringing with you, an olive branch
and your love, concern and getting his paw print for me.
I know it was difficult to dig such a large grave, as it took hours,
but you all did it without once complaining, and for that I am grateful.



There are so many touching and poignant poems
about the loss of a cherished pet.
Instead of borrowing one, I tried to come up with
one of my own. Unfortunately I do not possess
the artistry of true poet, and was not able
to shape or mold my words to my own satisfaction.




A Loving Tribute To Murray

From the first feline to ever set velvet paw upon now ancient lands,
to the last breath of the last cat at the world's frozen end,
there was never, nor will there ever be,
one so special and so loved as Murray is to me.

The stillness of his ever present absence silently shrieks at me
from every room, every corner and every dappled sunny spot
once occupied by his magnificent quintessence.

My heart aches to hold him again and feel his soft paws
playfully pulling at my glasses,
something he so often felt the need to do, repeatedly!
A cat of contradictions, with nature complex,
a gentle giant one moment,
and a mischievous prankster the next.

One look from his intelligent eyes and I could read his mind
as if it were my own.
With facial expressions so compelling and eyes ever evocative,
the meaning of his converse was concise yet inquisitive.

The loss I feel is deep and expansive. It is as though the best part
of my own being is gone with him. I know that the mourning will lessen
a bit with time, but I also know it will never really subside
. Murray was an exceptional feline with purity of heart and spirit dignified.
I feel like I have eternally lost my best friend.

I found Murray when I moved to a garage apartment in Abilene, Texas in February 1988. He was a stray about 1 year old.

From the first moment we met, there was a feeling of compatibility and ease between us. Try as I might, I don't recall ever having to train Murray to stay off counters, not scratch furniture, not eat the plants, etc... The minute he came into my life, his easy going but elegant style always amazed me.

Murray's only demand of me was that he be allowed to go outside and explore nature, as he had done before he decided to adopt me.
Walking him on a leash and harness seemed like a good compromise. Again, I was so impressed by my boy.
With not one protest or attempt to wriggle free, he accepted the leash and harness like he had worn one all his life.

We even got to the point where I did not need to restrain him. We would take our walks like two chums catching up on the days events.
He listened to me when I would tell him to come back, or turn a certain direction, or to stop all together.
Like a child looking for encouragement, he would even make sure I was watching him when he did something especially cute or athletic,
such as scratching a tree at a bizarre angle, or bounding and leaping at the grass like a furry little gymnast.

As he aged, our walks continued, and 3 days before he died, he staggered over to the tree in our front lawn,
and scratched like a kitten, looking back several times to make sure I saw. It took me sometime to swallow the lump in my throat,
because although I did not want to admit it, I feared that was going to be the last time he ever scratched a tree.

Murray enjoyed meeting people, especially toddlers. It was ironic though, because of his size many small children were a bit scared of him.
He loved traveling to different places, especially other people's homes. I think it satisfied his nosey nature to snoop through an unknown house.

Murray aged as gracefully as he lived. And the moment he passed, he was looking directly into my eyes, and I can only hope
that in those last seconds he knew how much I love him, and felt peace and no pain.

Thank you for sharing this tribute for a truly unique cat with me.

Jennifer Holland