My Loving Tribute To...

August 7, 1986 - July 18, 2005

My mother bought a kitten for me for my 21st birthday. I had recently graduated
from college and was lonely in my small studio apartment. I recall flying home
to my parents house in NJ to bring him back to Boston with me. I already knew I
was going to name him Peaches, because he would be soft like the fuzz of a peach
and have the same colorings. I was never fond of planes, but Peaches sat in his
little box right at my feet snoozing. I knew if he was sleeping, that I would be
okay on the flight home.

Throughout Peaches 19 years, he was a loving, affectionate, extroverted cat. He
loved people and children. He loved giving head butts and snuggling. When I was
pregnant, he somehow knew...he seemed to follow me around the house more often.
When I was in labor and crying in pain, he was right by my side, he never left
me. When I came home from the hospital with my daughter, he couldn't wait to see
her. He was so smart, he somehow knew my hesitation, and always kept a short
distance from her, waiting till I gave the okay. He adored my Abigail, he loved
to play with her and read books with us. He loved Halloween, when all the
children would come to the door, he would sit there and greet them.

He had a thyroid condition for a number of years, but within the last year he
gradually lost weight. He was always in good spirits, but the last couple of
months he moved much slower. He was sleeping more, his breathing was becoming
more labored and his face was changing. I had a feeling something might be
terribly wrong, and I dreaded taking him to the vet. I finally took him on a
Monday morning and was told he had a tumor in his throat, that he was in pain,
and that there was nothing that could be done but put him to sleep.

I knew that day would come eventually, and thought I'd prepared myself, but I
never realized how difficult it would be. I wept like I never have before. It
was so emotional for me to say goodbye, words cannot express. I miss my Peaches.
I miss everything about him. I miss hearing him around the house, I miss the
smell of his fur, I miss his whole being. And I miss watching my daughter play
with him. I wish that I could see him and hold him and kiss him one more time
and I can't.

I love you Peaches - and I will see you again someday...
With love, purrs, and head butts,