Pickle died suddenly of a heart attack on Thursday morning, February 27th, 2003



My darling Pickle,

You died so quickly I didnít have time to tell you how much I loved you and how much you meant to me. You were my family, my confidant and my best friend. 

You were there for me in sadness and in joy and instinctively knew, I donít know how, when I was in trouble. You would jump up on the bed in my darkest hours and lick my face to comfort me, washing away my tears and I would hold you close to feel your breath on my face and feel you gently purr. 

For how could I remain unhappy when I saw your beautiful ginger face with your concerned green eyes and your big cuddly body. 

I remember your meows of welcome when I came home and when you wanted to be pulled along the wooden floor to scratch your back, how you would roll over with your feet in the air to have your tummy rubbed and how you would curl up beside me at night, your head on my head, purring like an engine.

I loved to watch you sit in the garden whilst the pigeons and squirrels went about their business just inches from your nose. For you never wished harm on any living thing. I remember when you were a baby, so cute with your big ears and pointy face - you looked like Gizmo. 

Whilst other cats brought in birds, you brought in childrens toys. Your little grey bunny still lies in your basket waiting for your return. I treasured the way you collected then gently placed your toy mice in your food bowl out of the way of the other cats. Your little idiosyncrasies I remember. 

How when we called "hairbrush" you would jump up on the sink and wait patiently whilst I brushed your glossy coat and you rubbed your face, first one way, then the other whilst I carefully held the brush just the way you liked. We used to joke about your wobbly tummy, and Tony called you "Gutsy" but it made you all the more lovable.

How could a cat bring such pleasure to my life? Pickie, you had a huge gentle generous soul that touched my heart and effected everyone who knew you. You were only five years old and deserved so much more time with us, your family. 

I just thank God you felt no pain in your last moments and that the end was so very quick. We will all miss you terribly and I feel like a part of me has disappeared forever. Yesterday I lost you but you will always live on in my memory my dearest friend. 

Sleep gently little one.

With all our love,

Your family Liz and Tony, Newby and Google, XXX