In Loving Memory Of





This is our Pookie...we had to let her go almost 1 year ago. 

Our poor girl became so sick and suffered for so long. We cared for her through paralysis until she was able to stand and walk slowly. 

We cared for her through blindness due to medications that were treating her for infections. Our young lady never complained , she only wanted to be with us and us with her. When her paralysis returned and with no sign of her coming out of it we finally made the toughest decision we ever had to make , that was to let our poor sick girl rest. 

We say her name every day...we think of her every day...we miss our girl every day!! 

We love you Pookie and we are just as sad today as we were a year ago. We will never ever forget are our special little lady. 

Love Mom and Big Popie. 

Moe and Jean