To My Beloved Friend


December 9, 2003

Dec. 9, 2003

Today Roscoe died. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to watch…
After a two day struggle for life,
he finally couldn’t do it any more.
He was the best cat I’ve ever had! He could play fetch
had the coolest kinked tail..
He kept me company in Korea when Eric was away.
All the vets were so surprised by him…
He was the best, simply said, he will be severely missed.
There will only be one Roscoe.

As one celebrates a birth one mourns a death..
The circle of life is a bitter one.
Mother nature sure has an evil streak…
life around here will never be the same,
I’ll still call him into the kitchen
when I make a tuna sandwich I’m sure.

Well the circle ever turns maybe someday along the line
I’ll see another funny kitten who caught his spirit
and I’ll take him home with me.
But none will rule the roost the same way…
Farewell my beloved friend, pet, and playmate.
May you find peace...and I hope heaven doesn’t have babies who
will pull your crooked little tail, I love you Roscoe.
RIP Tues. Dec. 9, 2003.

Amy and Eric