My Baby Shancky

Estimated April 2003 - 22 August 2004

Goodbye my little boy...

You stayed with us for a short period of time but so intense ...
I found you at a Vet's clinic where you were cured for
over a month because you were victim of an accident.
You were so young but undergone so much pain. You
couldn't walk for a few weeks, because of a broken
hip. Your skin was sewn back to your leg. 

The 21st May 2004 I took you home to my other 4 fur
babies and I felt such an overwhelming joy that I can't
describe. Fufi, my other male cat felt an instant
friendship for you and behaved like an older brother for you.

When shortly after you went through surgery to have an
abscess removed from your intestines, the nightmare
began. The day after the first surgery you had to have
your small intestines removed too, due to necrosis of the tissue.

In two months and a half you lost 2,5 kg until you
reached the poorly weight of 1,35 kg. You just didn't
assimilate the food having only half intestines.
Throughout your ups and downs you always demonstrated
love for life and people who adored you.

I had to let you go when you made me understand, that you
didn't feel you could continue the battle. You had no more
strength left. I couldn't let you suffer to reach
the Rainbow Bridge. I helped you pass away softly and
run to reach other friends beyond the bridge. You will
meet my previous fur babies Perla, Mascellone,
and many others. 

I know I will feel better in time, but it still hurts
so much to have let you go. I had to, because I loved
you and always will.
Live in peace my darling and be healthy forever.
Always in my heart
your mummy

Angela Julia Biagi
S.Piero a Ponti, Florence, Italy