In Loving Memory Of My Sweet Baby



Snuggles you are missed terribly, I can't help it, I am having a difficult time without you my pet. You left me on Oct. 30. You got sick a few days before that, although I did my best to nurse you back to health you seemed like you had had enough. I had a decision to make and although it hurt me immensely I felt I had to the right thing. I hope you forgive me as I did see the pain in your eyes, your beautiful light brown eyes.

You were my first pet, perhaps this is another reason I am taking this so hard. It is tough to come home to an empty house, you were the first one I saw whenever I walked in the door, now I tear up every time I walk in and you're nowhere to be found. I hope you are being good and are not feeling any pain as you did here.

I apologize for being selfish when I tried to force feed you as well as forcing water down your throat, you were uncomfortable I know, but I was desperate to make you well again. I was not ready to let you go my baby. 

We've been through so much together and I will never forget you honey. Please be good, I knew I was your favorite and you couldn't stand to be away from me. You never did allow anyone to get too close, that was a special trademark you had, and I didn't mind one bit, because then I knew you were always my special baby and loved me as much as I did you.

 I hope things are not too bad, just don't ever forget me because I will be coming back to you and then we can cross that rainbow bridge together....we will be together, I promise to be good just to make sure that happens.

Remember the pet names I had for you, you will always be my "Moo Moo Man" and most of all my love and my life. My arms long to hold you again, I miss the times you would nudge me for a treat, and climb up on my chair while I was watching TV and give me a few of those very special "face-butts" of yours. (God, I miss those especially!) Even at 15 years of age you still loved to play and enjoy our special game of "chase".

The times you would push open the bathroom door just so you can find me and make sure I was close by. The times you would hop onto the bed just to nuzzle with me, and only me. The times you reminded me if (God forbid) I didn't get your meals out at the times you were used to getting fed, but all in all, we still had a lot of fun didn't we huh? Except for bath time huh...? (We both hated that especially....) .

I love you sweetheart and I'm missing you more then I can stand.
Be good my baby, love you soooo much.