I wish to celebrate the life of a very special and long time friend of mine. This friend left me on December 26, 2002 with me at his side. I shall always love him and cherish the time we had together. My beloved pet cat, Tuff-Stuff.

Tuffy loved the outdoors.
We spent many a day under the oak tree watching
butterflies, birds and squirrels. 

You know how each cat, just like people, has his or her own special way of doing things. My cat, Tuffy, shown above, knew how to let me know when he wanted in a room. Tuffy was an indoor cat mostly and if a door was shut and he wanted in or out all he would do was stretch himself up to the door knob and rattle it with his paw until I came to open it for him.

When I did take Tuffy out he was buckled into his halter. He took very well to walking on a leash. After climbing up the huge oak tree in the backyard and refusing to come down for what seemed like hours I thought a leash would be best. He got to like his walks on the leash as everytime I put it on him he would start to purr. Actually, he was the one leading me around and I followed just about anywhere he wanted to go within reason. Yes, Tuffy was quite a cat. I hope that anyone reading this is as lucky as I was to have such a cat, such a friend and such a sweetheart for a pet. 

Tuffy would spend hours in this window watching the squirrels that sometimes took over our two bird feeders. There was always something going on in the side yard this window looked out on and Tuffy and I had
many happy years in the big, old house there. 

Tuffy taught me many things during his lifetime. I think one of the most important was not to take any living thing for granted. Be greatful for every minute of every day with those you live with. Human and pet alike, they all deserve recognition, caring and love. When you lose someone, whether pet or human family member, then it is too late to show them how much you care. Give your love today and every day and you will not regret a lost opportunity when a loved one passes on.