Tyrone Powers

Ny 9/11 Tyrone Powers
You were the Love of My Life- Fisty to the End
Born: March 1, 1994
Coquitlam, B.C. - Canada Died-Sydney Forks, N.S.
Died: January 9, 2009-at 9:00 pm.

At home in my arms-Vet said he had a Stroke

I am a Siamese Cat Breeder & Pet Therapist.
Tyrone was my male breeder & he loved his job, and put all the other males in their place.
He who was more than a cat- He was an Angel sent, to help me find Love
he was my best friend at Ground Zero. He would talk to me & when he was jealous would, spray my things.
They call me "The Ny 9/11 Canadian Angel" Tyrone was my main Counselor who sat
on my shoulder with SandyClaws my spanial who past away in 2005 and
one of his Gals Maude-passed 2 months ago-she was a Rag Doll Siamese.

I have been to Heaven two times and all my pets Horses- Briar Mist-Frosty the
Snowman & Brackendale Brandy- DD my Siamese Cat & more...Will be with me..
JW's said there was No Heaven God took me there twice.. Dog is God backwards-
Peppers & Mandy -like Tryrone was His gift of Unconditional Love from God..

I am going to cry & miss him- Thank You Tyrone for the Privlege or working with you at Ground Zero..... There will Never be another YOU.
Love you Forever. Thank You God for all the Love you put in my Life..
Angels from heaven in the form of my pets,

ps. Fingers your son is another copy of you, to go on.