In Memory Of


Dear Launa - 
I just want to say that I think that you are right on with your website. How awesome it is that the special creatures are remembered forever. I had to put my special friend down this Monday (October 2) and I have been devastated 
ever since. I feel so awful and no one has been able to console me.
You see he wasn't sick & he wasn't dying. 

He had a behavioral problem that made him pee in the house. He had done it in our apartment when I was pregnant
and I was able to get him to stop (so I thought) but then we moved into our house
and he began it again. I am hurting so much. I hated doing it. I cry everyday and I ask him for forgiveness.
I took him to the vet praying that something was the matter that I could fix and I was beside myself when
my vet called and said there was nothing wrong.
I played with the idea of putting him in a shelter, but that thought didn't last. 
For one he had the problem and I didn't want to take up the space in a shelter 
for a cat that would be a good pet for somebody and for two NOT knowing 
what became of him would have haunted me forever. 

I just can't get over this terrible GUILT. How could I have done this? I loved him. 
But your website has helped me to cope somewhat.
Could you add Willis to your memorial? That would mean the world to me.

Thank You,