In Memory of Bear.........                         

  Bear was a 14 yr old Golden Retriever / St.Bernard mix. I got him while I was pregnant with my only child. He use to sleep with me, eat with me, and wait in the doorway of the bathroom while I was showering. He could always make me smile and feel sooo much love just by looking into his soft beautiful brown eyes. I made this poem for him the day after we sent him to heaven, to be in God's hands and wait for us.

The way you came to see me everyday,
The way your golden blond hair turned grey.
The way your look expressed so much love,
The way your spirit soared free as a dove.
The way your freckles spotted your face,
Heaven must've reserved you a special place.
The funny way you ran as you got older,
The days you let me cry on your shoulder.
The tears you kissed off my cheeks,
How one day without you, seems like weeks.
How you loved to play go fetch,
How I'd throw and you catch.
How you listened and learned like such a good guy,
How the toughest part was saying good-bye.
You gave me the best feeling in my heart.
And I'll never forget you although we're apart.
You show God how good you can breathe, run, and catch,
Next time we meet, I WANNA PLAY FETCH!
And I expect a wet sloppy kiss,
And then I'll be in, eternal Bliss!

I Love You So Much, and will always miss you "BIG GUY"!!!

Forever Empty-
Mommy, Daddy, Amber & Tabby