In Memory of

Bo and Bruiser


Bo & Bruiser

Ever since my sister and I were young children, we liked dogs, but had parents that really didn't want us to  have one,
but we'd still read about the breeds, and would dream of that distant,"Someday" Her first choice was a Maltese,
and when she was a high school junior in 1982, her boyfriend got her a six-week-old Maltese
puppy, who we named Bogart, after Humphrey Bogart who starred in "The Maltese Falcon," but ended up
nicknaming him "Bo," probably after Bo Brady from "Days of Our Lives." She couldn't take him to the
dorm with her when she graduated high school, so my parents and I took over with him. 

Later her future husband and her picked out some new dogs, first a boxer puppy named Bart,
who they gave away after the birth of their first child, but who's still alive as far as I know.
In 1988, they added an adult Bernese Mountain Dog, named Bruiser, who they did keep even
after they had their daughter. We kept Bo locked away from the larger dogs whenever they'd visit, fearful
they'd try to attack him seeing as they outweighed him by about 10 to 1, but decided to give them a chance, and they all got along.

Sadly Bo passed away from natural causes (though he'd been getting sick and
having seizures) in April of 1997, and Bruiser joined him in May of 1999 after recurrent cancer. My son was
only four months old when Bo died, so he doesn't really remember him, though he can remember Bruiser. 
But though we'll always miss them, we have any extensive photographic record of them and our
memories, so they'll never be forgotten.

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