My Friend Forever

Forever In my Heart Chaney

Chaney and her other puppies and kitty brothers and sisters have always been special to me. Chaney was somehow different. She had many physical problems but complications of diabetes took her. 

I remember spending special moments together on the back porch. Sometimes in the summer we swam in the pool. I will never forget how she played, she was very happy. A few years ago when the diabetes took it's first hit, Chaney lost her sight. I will always be grateful to the excellent vets that assisted in stabilizing her diabetes and returning her sight. 

We had difficult times but she always looked at me, like "It's Ok Mom, it's not so bad.". I only wish that I could have been there with her, I did try to get back, but was too late. I'd like to think she just didn't want me to see her die. 
Thank You Chaney, Forever you will be in my heart. As much as I know I took care of you, in reality, it was you who took care of me. 
I will never forget you. 

 Chaneys' death came so suddenly.  She was not even sick the whole day.
I am glad that she did not suffer, but I was not there when she left. When I left the hospital I had just walked in the door and the phone rang to return. She was gone when I got back. I feel totally crazy because I am not sure exactly what happened and what I could have done differently. I know I'll get over it.

Chi-Chi, My Special Angel
 06/08/1995 - 11/29/2004