In Loving Memory Of...


Cupcake was a very sweet rescue toy rat terrier we got in eb of this year.
Her feet were hurt from living in a rabbit cage until we found out about her
and took her home and into our lives and hearts.
Cupcake was born 12/03/2003 and died on June 14th, 2005 because someone poisoned her.
We did not know what happened to her, so we had posters out, called the pound and rescue
in this area and called every vet in town looking for her. We prayed and kept reminding
friends online and off to keep her in their prayers.
Cupcake was a houdini of sorts, she could get out of our fence no matter what we did,
on the 13th in the evening she escaped once again and this time did not come home.

Today the plumber came here to do some work, and crawled under the house and found her.
We immediately called our vet n described her behavior etc of the days leading up to her death
the vet is convinced she was poisoned somewhere and came home to die, our other dogs never heard her and neither had I.
I am more than heartbroken... I have lost pets before but this one makes no sense,
why are people so mean and what could a small 6 lb rat terrier without a mean bone in her body
have done to cause someone to kill her?

I need to lay my sweet baby to rest, and carry her across the Rainbow Bridge.
and all of us miss you with every passing day. The house is not the same without you!

 Gnocchi - MnM - Jeff - Nathaniel, and Jim