In Loving Memory Of


Lord Danny Boy McDonald
Oct 16, 1990 - March 13, 2006


My Dear Boy

My dear boy, its time for you to go
To a place far away, I cannot follow
I will think of you each day as I walk
And hope my deep love for you, you did know.

My dear boy, how I already miss you
No dog by my bed just a box of tissue
The tennis ball you loved so much
Now lays still never again to be touched.

My dear boy, I hope you are ok
I am thinking of and remembering you,
each and every day.
I miss your begging by my chair
I miss your very loyal and loving stare.

My dear boy, please wait for me
Pick a shady spot under a heavenly tree
For I will join you as soon as I am allowed
And then you and I can play ball in the clouds.