We called Grandma in Durango 13 years ago, and asked if it would be o.k.
if we named our 2 new little yellow labs after her...Grandma Catherine Farley was tickled and gave her blessing.
Hence the names Katie and Farley. We are fortunate enough to still have our
little Katie, but 2002 was to be our last year with Farley- "the greatest goose chaser in the country".
Farley loved to hunt and fish with us. Her teeth chattered with excitement
when she was in the blind or pit and the goose call was bringing in the flock.
During the off season, Farley hunted up mice, proudly retrieving the catch of the day.
Her favorite treat was marshmallow peeps. I swear that dog would do ANYTHING for a peep!
Anyone who has ever loved a lab knows true loss when they are gone.
Cancer took our loving, ever faithful, gentle Farley from us.
Her ashes have been placed inside a bigfoot goose decoy so she can continue to hunt with us.
Thank you for Farley-Foo for 13 wonderous years. We miss you so very much!
Mom, Dad, Katie, and Belle