Sept.30,1985 - Oct.12,1999

"Ginger you protected our family and loved them
with all your heart and soul..."

Our memories of you chasing the balls and frisbies in our back yard and at the beach are forever in our mind. You tried to teach Bear how to retrieve. She learned half of it. She would run after the ball, but you always had to pick it up for her and bring it back to me. You never wanted us to have an easy game. The ball had to be just out of reach of where we were. The game of barking and us saying we couldn't reach the ball was fun. You knew we needed the exercise too. A ball was never good until you chewed it and got it wet first. Better yet you taught your puppies how to wet the balls in the water dish. Oh that's right a water dish wasn't good unless a paw was in it to sweeten it.

You took care of Jennifer when she was hurting after that big dog hurt her. You were the nurse I relied on when Lani, Jennifer, and John all got the chicken pox together. You watched our big house and protected it so well that you even got arrested for being such a good watch dog. Silly policewoman who left the gate open for you to walk out. All you wanted was to play and instead she sent you to the pound! When we moved you barked whenever a jogger went past. When we got Bear, you taught her how to be a great watch dog and a friend.

Dear friend we hated to let you go. You were so couragous when you would walk around the block and up the steps. We knew your hips were so sore and you still always had a smile for us whenever you attempted. We love you so much, and know you will always have a tennis ball and we will be sure you will always be near the waves.

Love, Mommy (Dotty), Daddy (John) Bear, and Chipper