Dear Goldie,
Is was my birthday when Stephanie (my youngest daughter) and I picked you up from a breeder in Des Moines, IA. You are my birthday present from me to me. ha-ha-ha. You are only 8 wks old. You are not suppose to be given to me. Its your brother but the person change his mind and pick your brother instead. I am glad they did. You are so cute and small puppy.

We took you home then I took you in to our backyard to see if you will do your business without being told. We walk around and there it is you did your thing. I was very excited. I never owned a dog before so all of these are new to me.

I bought a book titled "How to Housetrain your puppy in 7 days". Read it and bought a crate as the book said. Well, it took more than 7 days of course but you are not hard to train.
At night you cried, I have to wake up every 4 hrs to make sure you are alright. I question myself "what am I doing"? This is like having a newborn baby again.
But with patience and lots of love we made it.

You are not hard to train especially some tricks. You love hide and seek game. You always win because you use your nose to find us and of course the most important is your treats as a reward. We went to the lake in summer when you were about 1 1/2 yrs old to see if you want to swim. Did not force you to go in the water. You were afraid at first but the golden blood took over and there you go dog paddling. You are chasing your own splash so, you are going in circles. Then you realize " what the heck" so you swim back to shore. I am always next to you in case.

You love the snow. We played snow ball fight. We throw it to you and you catch it. Try to eat it. You remember one Christmas, I have two plates of chocolate candies on our coffee table? I woke up the next morning those candies are gone. Both plates are empty.
I found that you ate them because when I touch the plate it's slimey.
I called the Vet they told me to give you 2 tbsp of peroxide.
We hurried to our backyard and there is, the evidence came out. Thats scarry.

We had fun walking, running, swimming and catching frisbee. In 2003 your papa and I separated. You stayed with papa and I moved to Reno, NV. I miss you so much. While you were with papa you injured your knee and needed surgery. Your were catching frisbee and landed wrong. The grass is still wet due to it rained the night before. After your recovery Papa decided to give you back to me. I am sooooooooo happy. Again we were reunited.




Years of fun and happiness gone by, the dark time comes. You were 9 yrs old when you are diagnose with lymphoma. I was devastated and cannot accept for you to die young. You have to get Chemo treatment or you die in 3 months. I almost give up because we have to go to UC Davis in California to get treatment as my Vet said.
But Kim Freund (my roomate and goldie's buddy)

She talked to another vet Dr Gallaher and she recommended
us to Dr Baker in Baring Animal Hospital here in Reno. We did 25 weeks of Chemo treatments. There are ups and down but with patience and lotsssssss of love we made it. One week after your last treatment, we went to Stanta Cruz, CA to celebrate. We took you to the beach. This is your first time to swim at the beach. Kim wrote your name in the sand, I took the picture.
Again you are afraid because you saw those waves coming in.
But, the golden blood took over and there you are riding the wave to retrieve your favorite toys.

I took you to my work during our Dogs Day. We went to Lake Tahoe every Sunday during summer so you can swim . You love to swim. If it is your choice you will swim all day without rest. We went up in a Glandola ride at Northstar in Lake Tahoe to hike. We took you camping with Roxie. It will be your first camping trip and mine too. You went for a boat ride with Roxie's friends. I have to hold you tight on the boat because you want to jump off and swim. Two years has been added to your life after chemo treatment. Thanks to Kim's persistent and support. Also to Dr Gallaher, Dr Baker and Jennifer (dr baker assistant).

The lymphoma cancer is still in remission when this other cancer showed up. This cancer did not give us enough time. Within 5 days you are gone to heaven. This is an aggressive one. Kim even offered her credit card if I decide to go through surgery and chemo again. Because the card I use for your chemo treatment is closed. But I cannot let you go through this misery again
due to your age and chemo treatment in the past.
In those 5 days I notice you are giving me a hint that you want to follow Spooky that passed away 3 weeks earlier. You and Spooky grows up together in Iowa. Spooky is Stephanie's cat. On Holloween night we (me, kim and Tess a vet tech my oldest daughter)
decided to let you go and join Spooky.

It's a sad and heart breaking decision. Kim and I were with you to say and kiss your cheek Goodbye. We also said: see you later, Goldie.
The next day you send me a message that you are okay by showing me a rainbow. One week after you passing you showed me and Kim another message by showing us a rainbow at the back of our complex. A bright and huge one saying: Kim and Mom I am having a blast here with Spooky. We are Fine dont worry. After I took the picture, the rainbow slowly fading away. As we waved our hands and say;" See you later Goldie", I am crying.
Thanks for the message and keep in touch always.

We love and miss you,
Norma and Kim