A  Memorial for...


I lost my best friend 3 weeks ago. He was a shih-tzu named Henry.
Henry was very special to me because I adopted him 6 weeks after my father died....
he helped me through the grieving process and was always there for me.
He would give me kisses when I would cry for my Dad or just lay next to me, knowing that I needed someone.

Henry was killed by a car and died instantly. It is very difficult for me to get over his death,
although I have another dog and 2 cats. I really think that Henry was sent to me
to watch over me as a guardian angel and when he thought I was doing better
with losing my father, he left to help someone else who needed him.

Henry, I thank you for the 2 1/2 wonderful years we spent together.
You mean so much to me, and I will ALWAYS love you.  I miss you very much.

Love, Mama