Howser and Win

Father and Son

To Win...
My soul mate in a dog.
I'll love you forever.
6-14-94   to  7-24-03

I wore Grey:
I wore grey, like the mourning dove,
For I am mourning, a profound love.

Your golden eyes had lost their shine,
We both knew, you were out of time.

It happened so fast, seems the blink of an eye,
I'm disbelief, and still asking why.

You lost your battle with life today,
You fought so hard, you wanted to stay.

Tears fell hard, as I let you go,
I'll forever love you, for that you must know.

I've given the "last gift", to you, so they say,
So why does it hurt so much this way?

I'm going through the motions, and dealing with my grief.
The cold hard fact, cancer is a thief.

I've heard God is great, and God is good,
I know he'll cook you lots of food!
From steaks, to burgers, and even roast!
Still hard to fathom, you're now my true grey ghost......

Win was diagnosed with Acute lymphoblastic leukemia on 7-10-03.
His last normal day filled with activities was 7-5-03
It all went downhill from there. My last line in this poem, brought a
bittersweet smile to my face. Oh, how Win Win LOVED to eat!

Hang tight Diddems, till we meet again.
Memories are forever etched in my heart,
They'll never be stolen....

Love always,

And For Howser
Perpetually dressed in Grey
Perpetually Dressed In Grey...

Out of a pet shop, & into my arms,
I promised that day,
To keep you from harm.

Grey fur so soft,
It felt so right,
From that day forward,
I knew love at first sight!

Cerulean eyes, that changed to gold,
I refused to believe,
One day, you'd grow old...

A lifetime ahead of us,
I did what I could.
To let you experience,
The life of good...

Vacations, beaches, & mountains galore,
We found new places, for you to explore.

The times we shared,
I'll never forget,
My love for you,
I'll never regret.

Full of love, and eager to please...
Made my choice harder,
I couldn't believe...

They said you were old,
Your time had come,
Now I feel cold,
With visions of you,
Smiling in the sun.

I made the decision,
To let you rest,
The way it turned out,
I'm an absolute mess...

Hard to accept you're really gone...
I think of you daily,
As if you're still around...
My love for you,
Still strong, & profound.

You're in my dreams,
You're there when I the shower.
Haunted by your image,
Still with me every hour...

Your gorgeous Grey suit,
That many admired,
Never forgotten,
Never out of style...

Another true Grey Ghost in my home...
I miss you tremendously,
And feel so alone....

Some don't understand my mourning,
You were simply *canine*,
What they don't understand,
Was that you were a Weim!

Hard to face life without you Boogie boy!
Life isn't the same...
But I promise you this,
We will meet again...

The most gentle soul,
Had the most handsome face,
Memories etched in my mind,
No one could replace...

Doggie Howser M.D. had an exact 13 trips around the sun.
I didn't plan on choosing his day. It was simply his *time*

Howser was diagnosed with Lymphoma, on July 10th. No *official* 
tests, but his Dr. felt strong about his diagnosis.
His second opinion, also felt strongly, about the 
diagnosis...Exactly one week later, after the second opinion, on his 
13th birthday, we had to let him go.
He was shutting down internally...

Howser, you were a pain in the butt to me, your entire life. It 
wasn't your fault. Could have been bad breeding, or simply, mea culpa... 
I still loved you to pieces. You were STRONG, to get your own way, at 
any cost. And so very smart!!! For that, I love you. You were who YOU 
were. I'm glad I had the chance to love you.

I'll see you again,
When my time comes,
Until then,
Take care of your Son. (Win Win) who passed 20 days prior,
from Leukemia.

Penny's still here,
And missing you both,
Be patient & wait...
I'm not letting her go.