A friend of ours called us one day and said we needed to look at this dog.
Her daughter had recently got him from a friend of hers, who had him
taken away from his neighbor that was abusing and neglecting him.
He was a very friendly and gentle dog, and we decided to give him a home.
That's not to say there weren't challenges....
 After running away a couple of times,  we fenced in our back yard and woods
with over 500 feet of fence. Jake lived inside with us, but now when he
was in the back yard, he could chase  all the butterflies and squirrels he wanted,
and we didn't have to worry about him  slipping away.
After that, he had a wonderful life with us.  Some people say that dogs
can not smile, but every time I look at this picture,  I know better!
It's so sad when you lose someone that close to you,
but he  inspired us to write the poem below.



I remember 11 years ago,
When you came to us a stray.
But It wasn't long, you stole our hearts,
We knew you'd have to stay.

I knew you'd never catch'em
But it was fun to watch you try.
You'd spend half the day in the yard
Trying to catch a butterfly!

When camping one day, you made your way
To a little boy who needed a friend.
You stayed and played and made his day
The next day you parted great friends.

Everybody loved you,
And you were everybody's friend.
Its hard to believe that we'll never
See that smile of yours again.

Sadly we watched the sands of time
take their toll on you.
Your walk got slower, your limp got worse,
And there was noting we could do.

We know God is calling for you
But it hurts so much to let you go.
You'll be missed, here on Earth
more than you'll ever know.

You're with the angels now,
in a place that's so divine.
But we'd give the world if we could just,
Pet you, one more time.

Ed and Ann Ledwick
Gaylord, Michigan