In Loving Memory Of




May 19, 2005

Dearest Koa,

Instead of feeling excited to wake up every morning and come home from work each day, we now find ourselves dreading these times. We so miss your comforting presence, the sound of your bark, your huge smile,
and your unconditional love.

Please forgive us for what we had to do. It was such a painful decision, but we hope you understand that we wanted you to go as you lived - with your family around you, a full belly, your favorite pumpkin, a giant smile on your face and, most importantly, with dignity.

Everyone tells us that the pain and emptiness we feel will lessen with time; we can only hope they’re right. But, don’t worry about us, we know that the memories that hurt the worst, are because they are the fondest.

It’s comforting to know that you are whole again and pain free in mind, body, and spirit. The thought of you running, playing, barking, and scratching all those hard to reach places, brings a tear to our eyes and puts a smile on our faces.

We’ve loved and cherished every moment that we’ve spent with you. You’ve brought so much joy and happiness to our lives, taught us so many life lessons, and we know we’ll carry your spirit with us forever. Thank you so much, Big Handsome Moo Dog! Thank you.

So, God Speed, Koa Buddy, and may the sand crabs and lizards be plentiful, the scratches endless, the Moo Stew bottomless, the snow cool and deep, the car rides long and fast, your viewing spot perfect, and your sighs of contentment often. We miss you, and we all look forward to seeing you again, and to giving you a great big hug!

We Love You So Much,

Mom, Dad, and Kuma

PS – Don’t worry about Kuma. You taught her well, and we’ll make sure she feels every bit as loved as you do!