In Memory of..


We trimmed trees and drank beer. We hauled and burned brush and drank beer. 
We moved earth and poured concrete and drank beer. You chased every critter 
that moved (the skunks were never a wise choice) and drank beer. When we had 
to go to the beer store, you were in the truck before me. Yeah, and 
sometimes I even let you drive on the way home. (But only on the back roads). 
You were a fine dog. You have saddened grown men. We got together the 
other day and the first beer was for you. I'll catch up with you some day. 
Bet I'll know where to find you. 

Name of Dog: Koko 
Dates: 1/86 to 10/25/00 
Pet's Breed: Lab Border Collie Mix 
Owner's Name: Casey 
E-Mail Address: