My Beloved Lacey

        January 6,1997 - January 2, 2000


I am doing everything I can to honor this precious spirit that God has blessed my life with.Lacey was a Jack Russell Terrier.
She was full of energy and spirit. We jokingly called her "the dog from hell" because of her non-stop energy!
But she was, and still is, an angel from God.

So full of spirit and love! Her time here on earth was short, but her spirit and memory will live on for eternity.
Lacey was her mommy's constant companion, her daddy's snuggle bunny, Newcastle's playmate, Deerdra's sister,
Poppi's pretty girl, Kramer's fighting buddy,and Precious and Muffin's (cats) worse nightmares!

The last weekend of her precious life was the best one....we spent the weekend at the beach.She ran and played with the other dogs.
She chased the neighbor's cats and ran with the "big dogs".We took her out on the boat that last day,
and she had the time of her life!

On the way home from the beach, I held her up front with me, and loved her like a baby...because she was MY baby.
It was a beautiful weekend. I thank God everyday that her last days were so beautiful. When we got home, she jumped out of the truck,
and that was the last time we saw her alive. Death for me is not so scary anymore, for I have a beautiful angel awaiting my return Home.

Until we meet again........My Love Is Yours.