In Loving Memory Of



 November 1st 1990 - October 12th, 2005

 [Australian Sheppard-Collie mix]

Dear Lacey,
It has been almost a year since you have been gone. I miss you more then anything, and wish I could have you back in my life.
Our home has been so quiet without you. Things have not been then same, and it saddens me to say it never will,
at least not in this lifetime. I hold so many memories of you close to my heart.

I miss you nudging me with your nose to get some attention, and jumping around when we said "want a bone?!"
I miss you getting excited to go out side, I miss you sleeping in my bed, and keeping me safe. I miss your warm sincere
heart, and personality. You were a very beautiful animal. To me, so much more then a dog, more like a True best friend.

I am so sorry for the pain you had to endure. I wish I could just see you one more time.
I didn't know how to say goodbye to you. In the end, I started to think back to the beginning.
I remembered when we first met. That day, as well as many others are locked away, and treasured in the same place
you will always remain...My heart. You will never be forgotten, never lost in any memories.
Always remembered, and cherished. Lacey, there will never be another you...~ I miss you

To my best friend, we will meet again~
Love your family, forever and always~

* Lacey was rescued and adopted at the S.P.C.A In January of 1991. *