In Loving Memory Of

Circa 1990 – 18 November 2005

You were known by many names… When we rescued you from a pound in Georgia
so many years ago they called you "Annie". I remember scraping up enough change to pay for you and have often wondered what the attendant thought when I gave him a handful
of loose pennies, nickels and dimes to meet the "adoption" fee.

It was during the car ride home that we decided to change your name to Lady
(we weren’t very creative in those days and since the children were young,
the story Lady and the Tramp was fresh on my mind).
Before long, you were being called “Lady Bug,” then it was “Buggy,” and sometimes,
when you got underfoot, just plain ol’ "DAWG!" The strangest nickname of all perhaps was,
“Bug in a Rug” – but you lived up to the title many times.

To the humans you knew, you were always a friendly little dog,
(except to a few strangers whose heels you nipped). We never knew for sure your breed,
but there was hardly any mistaking the Bulldog (with a dash of Corgi thrown in) in you.

People always commented that you were a pretty dog, and indeed you had such a small, cute snout
and soft, petite ears that you always liked to have scratched, not to mention
your curly, little tail that waved as you bounced along like a rabbit when you ran. 


As dogs’ lives go, yours was a long one and we hope a good one. For more than a decade you were a
member of our family and you will be sadly missed – especially by your “shadow” and faithful sidekick,
Gypsy, and the little girl-turned-beautiful-young-lady who called you her favorite. 

May you rest in peace Old Girl.