To Our Beloved...............   



September 30, 2000  we made the most 
heart wrenching decision to have you 
put to sleep.  You seemed so sad.
We had to be good to you at the end 
as you had been good to us for a long 
11 1/2 years.  Though I can't 
stop crying about you, everyone says 
to remember the good memories.....
So here they are:

- As a pup you followed those strangers down the cross country ski trail.
Dave had to jump on his skis and follow you so you wouldn't get lost.

-Remember, I patted the couch, said "down", and very obediently (so you thought) you jumped on the couch and laid down. A new resting spot from that day forth. -When swimming if we didn't throw the stick quick enough for you, you let us know with a few "hurry up" barks. - If you were home and we were driving up the street as soon as the car was in site, you'd jump up and wag that friendly tail. -One of your favorite spots was sitting by the refrigerator waiting for a "cookie".....

Many, many more memories we will cherish.  You were the sweetest!
Love and miss you.
Sue and Dave