In Loving Memory Of

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my dear friend Maggie.
She was the beautiful golden retriever that I had for almost 13 years.
We went through so much together, always with her head in my lap.
She had bad health and was only getting worse. She had several tumors
and at her age I felt it would be cruel to force her to undergo
another surgery because I was not ready to let her go.

I have never had such an intelligent, loving animal.
I used to tell everyone not to tell her she was a dog,
because she didn't know that. She would have followed me
to the ends of the earth, and I guess today she did.
You just should not have to choose when someone you love dies.
I feel such an enormous amount of guilt.
She would have done anything for me, and I can't shake the feeling
that I let her go to soon. I thought I was ready,
but now I know I never would have been.

Maggie and I had a business together, and in Seattle she was famous for her Gourmet Goodies.
She was the pickiest eater I have ever known, but she would do just about anything for a piece of cheese!
She would dance at the door every time I came through it, and lay by the window awaiting my return
whenever I left. When she laid down she always crossed her legs like the lady she was.
She was always at my feet, and as I type this I am painfully aware that she is not under this desk.
My daughter would tell you she thinks I loved Maggie more, no so, but at least as much.

When I go to bed I will surely miss the sound of her beneath it, and I may never feel
the same walking into my home without her to greet me.

Good bye sweet girl...... you are already missed. My sweet, sweet Maggiedog.
If I only I could have been the person you believed I was.
You are so dearly loved.

Sheila @--}------