1984 - 2002

Born on 12 July 1984, Mamie became part of our household in 1987, joining me and her beloved Charlie in Sunnyside, NY. On November 28, 1987 she gave birth to Chuckie, Caesar and Tara. She lived with us in Sunnyside, Brentwood, North Bellmore and finally Tennessee. 

We had many wonderful years together, she sharing all of her unconditional love in every waking moment. When the ravages of old age overtook her recently, it was time for us to say goodbye. And so on 2 June, 2002, having spent almost 18 years of giving, it was time to give her back to the loving God who shared her with us. Chuckie, Smokie and I will miss you dearly, our beloved Mamie! May you rest in His peace always! You loved us - and we have loved in return!

Richard and Chuckie and Smokie