I'll miss you...
On Friday the 20th my dearest Many, better known as "Mama Dog" passed away.
She was about 14 years old, and she first blessed my life when she was only six weeks old.
She won the hearts of anyone who was lucky enough to meet her,
and I know she will not soon be forgotten.

When I first took her home so my parents could get a look at her,
they said she was so ugly she was cute.
One of those faces you HAD to love. As she grew bigger, her temperament
only sweetened. She was there when I left the first "love" of my life and had to
move back home. Then she was there when my son Nick was born, he's eight now.
She tolerated him grabbing on to her when he was learning to walk,
and before he was old enough to know not to grab her ears.
Even though she may have wanted to, she never snapped at him, as a matter of fact,
she loved that little boy as if he was her own.

I was there with her when she had her litter of three. I held one of her precious babies
as he slipped away to God in my hands. She was a wonderful mother
to the other two, and to every other dog we ever had around her. I called her my big couch
potato, especially the last few years as she started to suffer more from her arthritis.
I know she's no longer hurting, I'm thankful for that.

I know that I will miss her deeply, and so will the rest of the family she was such an
important part of. I know that she is with God now, and I'm sure the first things she did
was find a nice big patch of dirt she could dig in and then roll around in.
Transforming her white coat into that all familiar brown.
I have so many more stories and memories that I will hold close to my heart of her,
and will one day see her again and we can snuggle up on the couch together.
Until then, I know those who have gone before me, now have a great companion
to keep them company.