Born Dec 1, 1999   Departed May 11, 2006


Love you forever my beloved friend Max

I will miss you more than words can ever express.
Our trail rides together, your comfort when I hurt...
resting your head on my lap to show you cared.
Hearing your footsteps in the night by my bedroom door.
Those steps will always be heard in my heart.

The lake we live on will hold no solace for me anymore,
as the waters reflection will always show your face.
You were the ultimate expression of Joy in this life.
If anyone wanted to know what that word meant,
you were the definition.

Life was lived to the fullest by you.
You expressed love to all you met,
and my life was blessed to have been your friend.
All of us will miss you terribly.
May God throw your favorite toy for you to chase
for all eternity.
I love you bud.