In Loving Memory Of


Our story started on Monday February 19, 2007. My husband was in office and started yelling for me to come there.
He said our dog was having puppies. We didn't even know she was pregnant!
No belly, no milk, but sure enough puppies. She had five. The 2nd born only has three legs, but is doing well.
The 3rd was still born, and it looked that he had stopped developing some time ago.
The 5th puppy was born was a cleft palate and lip.
I couldn't believe that our 3lb dog had fit five puppies in her belly without us knowing.
The puppies were seen by a vet the next day.
The biggest pup weighs 4.8 oz, the 2 middle puppies weigh 3.2 oz, the baby with the cleft was 1.6 oz..

I have been syringe feeding the baby every 3hrs. The past 2 days he has really been doing well.
He would wake me up crying to be fed and he was developing a sucking reflex.
His clefts were closing nicely. I don't understand what happened. I woke up this morning and he was by himself.
He was cool to the touch. He ate his breakfast, but never started moving around.
Right now he is trying to breathe every minute or so, but I can feel him going.

I hope he knows how much he is loved. I keep rubbing his tiny head and telling him to go, that it is ok.
I am sure it will not be long. I have tried warming him up, but he doesn't stay warm. The vet said he is dying.
I can't believe that something this small captured my heart so fast and completely.
I had already decided to keep him with me because I loved him so much.
My husband kept saying not to get attached, but I would rather hurt like this and been able to have loved him,
even if it was only for a little bit. He is so soft and beautiful.
His mom is half chiahuaha and pomeranian and his dad is a poodle. What a crazy mix.
He is a beautiful blonde color. I will never be able to hear his bark or see his little eyes or watch him run.
The vet and I were concerned that there would be other deformities, other than his cleft.
One eye was a little bigger and higher than the other.
I knew that I could lose him, but I want him back so much. I feel like my heart is breaking.
I will end now as he has just left me.