My Little White Angel Molly

11/13/04 - 5/19/08



My Dearest Molly - My Best Little Friend

Four beautiful but short years and a white angel always by my side.
She started together her little doggie wings on the last day.
She heard her final home calling her. She knew something was wrong -
sad and frail as she faced her final chapter.

We all tried and tried but to no avail; soon she needed to tell us, "please let me go".
I held her close in my arms to feel her float up and away;
God wanted to take her home. He safely and tenderly loves her now,
and holds her in His arms. 

He will take her to her furry friends she loved so much
as they await her funny little Shitzu Molly face.
My little girl; white and furry with black on her side and missing one eye.
She could see all she needed to see whenever she went bye-bye. 
She loved the car and loved my heart as I loved hers. 
I'll have these many memories to remember her by.

I know she's waiting for me; to show me her home -
one day we'll meet again at the bridge she skipped over to her
"doggie Heaven home".
We'll both be running on that day - to hold on tight in the light,
that will shine on us;
Molly and me.

From her loving friend Scott; with tons of love..