1990- 2001

I wasn't ready to let you go, but God had other plans for you.
I'm going to miss how your bright little face that would light up
any room you entered. You were always so happy and full of life.
You tried to hide your sickness from me, you never once complained.
You tried so hard to stay with me, but God called you home.
I know you're making the angels happy now, with all your funny ways.

11 years was not long enough, 100 would have been too short,
because you were the best little dog anyone could ever want.
A part of me died when you left that day, my heart was ripped out of my chest,
but I know you are with Jesus up in heaven, and you're not in pain anymore.
I will see you again someday, when my time finally comes.
Only then will I be whole again, when I see you by God's gates.