Ony Bug (named after Onyx), 

August 2000 - August 31, 2001

Sorry Ony you had to go so young and that you could not live a full, fun, healthy dog life. 
You will be missed!

I don't have a picture of Ony but only to say she was beautiful, pure black with a coat of fur
that reminded me of a black panther. She was part chow and German shepherd. 
She was my daughter's dog, very loving and protective but had an aggression problem. 
She was put to sleep 31-Aug-01, 4:30 p.m.

My daughter could not be with her and I did not want her to be alone so I was there. 
They evidently had sedated her somewhat as she did not move,
only to be shaking when I saw her.  I held her head telling her "Ony Bug you're a good girl," 
"I love you sweetheart, and that it is okay" while I gave her kisses and I rubbed her ears. 
It did not take long at all. I'll never forget the way she sat on the table,
looking straight ahead full of fear and when she slowly lost control and closed her eyes.
So very, very hard. You see my daughter moved back home with Ony's mother when she was born
and stayed for about three months,left and came back home for about six months, and left again.
So I knew Ony very well. She did not like children or men.
Four months earlier Ony's brother had to be put to sleep for the same reason 
and one of her brothers are turning mean. Titus and Ony are together now at Rainbow Bridge.