In Loving Memory Of


I lost my dog a year and 3 months ago I miss her so much she was my little princess.
Everyone in my family I think pretends they've gotten over her death but
I don't want to pretend. I have tried to tell my mum how I feel but I think she will think
I'm being stupid. My sister and I grew up with her and I'm finding it hard to cope without a dog
because I've always had Penny with me, every time I come home there's no dog to greet me.
It was especially hard when a few months into college and (penny had been only gone a few months)
people were bringing their dogs into college cause we have a animal care centre and people
can bring their dogs into college to be groomed.
I felt like why hadn't Penny held on for a bit longer so I could have showed everyone
what a gorgeous and intelligent dog she was. My friend says I'm finding it hard because
I didn't get to say goodbye to her properly and we didn't bury her,
we left her at the vets and they probably sent her to someone who burns dead pets.
I feel that she died alone with strangers. I should have been there to hold her paw
and say goodbye properly I miss her and love her so much
that I want to put this tribute up to tell people how sweet gentle
and kind my princess was lots of love Penny.