11-12-91 to 7-02-03


Penny's From Heaven...

A Christmas surprise, that's how we first met, 
I ashamedly admit, I was full of regret.

You see, we already had one Grey nightmare, 
But you were a dream, Something oh, so rare. 

One in a million, not your typical Weim,
Never in trouble, and a Mother, of Nine.

You grew old and Grey, not a wrinkle on your face,
Mischievous mind?  Not you, not a trace.

There comes a day, when we must part,
No way to prevent it, your memory, now, in my heart. 

Howser & Win were calling you home,
Run free my angel, know you're not alone....

Penny's was from Heaven, sent to me, on loan,
I've nothing left of you,  just Grey ashes, and bone.

Penny Penny M.D. [my dog] Was born and raised in California. Bought on the side of a Ca. freeway, 
Hours away from home, at 5 weeks old.
She brought joy into our lives.

She and her "boys" [Howser & Win Win] 
moved to Ohio for the last 3 years of their lives.
The "boys" went to the Rainbow Bridge last summer.
My only comfort is knowing they're all together again. 
We moved back to CA. recently, and the day we arrived, Penny was so happy!
Unfortunately, that same night, she "bloated" She was 12.8 years old.

[See the link for an explanation]
Friends For Pets

You'll be forever in our hearts, Penny Penny.