February 28, 1988 -  October 25, 2002

I lost my Pookie Bear last Friday, October 25th to the ravages of Lymphoma.
Pookie had been having chemotherapy for five weeks,
and the treatment appeared to be working satisfactorily.
Suddenly on Thursday evening his ability to sit, stand or walk disappeared,
and Pookie left us on Friday evening...Very unexpected by me and the doctor
since he had been doing so well during the five weeks prior.
My grief has been and is still very strong after 14 years of the pure love,
and total loyalty that my devotion to this guy has rewarded me.

Pookie Bear is a Keeshond. Born February 28, 1988 and died October 25, 2002 of cancer.
Ever Trusting and Loving Friend to me till the moment that he left this world.
Never will I forget the pleasure he gave to me during his time.
I Love You Pookie Bear with all my heart and miss you more than anyone can know.

Dan Ellenback