Gone too Soon

She came into my life one bright summer day,
tiny and helpless, she was here to stay.
A sweet, healthy puppy, cute as could be,
I knew right then, she would always be with me.
I named her Punky, because she was a brat,
but everyone knew, I was okay with that.
Little did I know, fate would cut her time short,
life is so cruel sometimes, there is no support.
She was only eight when she was taken from me,
and my life is not the same without her company.
It happened so quickly, I wasn't ready,
and ever since then, my life has been unsteady.
I didn't realize how sick she was,
so when she left me, my mind was in a fuzz.
I miss her sweet face, and bright little smile,
Her playful personality, and sassy style.
I know I'll see her again, when it is my time to go,
I'll see her sweet face, this I know.
She'll be waiting for me on a higher plain,
and once again, we'll be together again.

Judy Ann Tackett