Born : March 20, 1987

Transition:  April 11, 2002


I am so sorry for what happened to you. I thought I had put you in the best of care.
We didn't know that you would be given drugs that would cause you to suffer and ultimately take you from this life.
I will not forget our time together and we will carry your message to the world
so that your voice is heard and other animals will not suffer as you have.

Punky - One More Day
If I could have just one more day To tell you that I love you
To hold you close and stroke your head And tell you that you're special
Another day to be with you To run and play our favorite game
To have you come just one more time Because I called your name
One more day I could come home And know that you'd be there
To snuggle with you one more time And tell you that I care
And I could see you, feel you and be near you again
Where you are now there is no suffering That does bring me some peace
I see you in my dreams, my love You're happy and you're free
Everyone who met you said you were so sweet
I always thought we would have more time.... To love and look in your eyes so dear
Before you know it, it's gone by A day, a week, a year
You have a special place in my heart Until we meet again....
Wait patiently for me, sweetie pea, I love you!

Diane, Susan, Greta and Joey